Random acts of kindness should be incorporated in startups. It’s good for business!

From Wired Magazine UK Ole Kassow knows that using words like “love” and “kindness” in the boardroom will probably get you kicked out. Nevertheless, he’s on a mission to persuade young startups and established businesses alike that they should persist; that it’s these two things that will make their companies a successful, exhilarating, happy place [...]

“Why We Love Companies With A Purpose” – Conference Videos

Watch all the talks again or watch them for the first time. Session A Engaging Employees Speakers Alexander Kjerulf, Woohoo, Inc (starts at 5:25) Hans Henrik Heming, Copenhagen School of Design & Technology (KEA) (starts at 28:40) Jacob Rais, Hotel Skt. Petri (starts at 54:20) Session B Mobilizing The Crowd Speakers Lærke Ullerup, TEDx (starts [...]